Bauern Room

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Farmhouse parlour - traditional charm at s'Wirtshaus Oberammergau

Experience Bavarian cosiness

Welcome to the Bauernstube, one of the lovingly designed rooms at s’Wirtshaus in Oberammergau. Here, the warmth and originality of a traditional farmhouse is combined with modern comfort to offer you an authentic and cosy experience in the heart of the Bavarian Alps.

The Bauernstube is an ode to the rich culture and tradition of Bavaria. Every detail in this room has been carefully selected to reflect the essence of rural life. From the rustic wooden furniture to the handcrafted decorations, every element contributes to creating an atmosphere that is both welcoming and authentic.

Bauern Room

Comfort meets rural charm

In the farmhouse parlour, you can expect not only traditional furnishings but also modern comfort. The cosy bed ensures a restful night’s sleep, while amenities such as Wi-Fi and a modern bathroom make your stay pleasant and uncomplicated. Here you can relax and unwind after a day in the mountains.

A window to nature

The room offers a wonderful view of the picturesque surroundings of Oberammergau. Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of nature and enjoy the peace and beauty that this idyllic village has to offer.

Ideal for lovers of the countryside

The Bauernstube is perfect for anyone who appreciates simplicity and authenticity. Whether you want to spend a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city or experience the traditional Bavarian way of life – this room offers the ideal starting point for your discoveries.

Bauern Room - s'Wirtshaus - Hotel Oberammergau

Bauern Zimmer - Hotel s'Wirtshaus

Buchen Sie Ihre gemütliche Auszeit in der Bauernstube des s’Wirtshaus – Hotel Oberammergau

Warum auf besondere Anlässe warten, um sich eine Auszeit zu gönnen? Entfliehen Sie dem Alltag und erleben Sie die authentische Atmosphäre der bayerischen Tradition in unserem Bauern Zimmer in Oberammergau. [s’Wirtshaus – Hotel in Oberammergau buchen] – und entdecken Sie den Charme des Landlebens in den bayerischen Alpen!