Oberammergau Passion Play – Passion 2030

Oberammergau - Ferienwohnung Ammertal

Oberammergau Passion Play

The last Oberammergau Passion Play took place on 2 October 2022 and the next performance is planned for 2030. These world-famous Passion Plays are a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage site and were first performed in 1634 to honour a vow after surviving the plague. They have been held every ten years since 1680.

Oberammergau Passion Play 2030: When and where?

The Passionsspiele 2030 in Oberammergau are expected to take place from May to October, and the premiere is planned for May 2030. The performance days are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. No tickets, cards or arrangements are currently available.

Passion 2030

The Passion Play in Oberammergau is an unrivalled experience for locals and tourists from all over the world. The performances take place on an impressive stage that can accommodate thousands of spectators. The actors are villagers from Oberammergau who spend years preparing for their roles in order to give an authentic and impressive portrayal of the last days of Jesus’ life.

The Passion Play is also an important cultural event that reflects the history and traditions of Oberammergau. They show the villagers’ strong attachment to their religious roots and their ability to maintain and pass on these traditions. The Passion Play is a symbol of the solidarity and sense of community of the villagers who work together to organise and stage such a great event.

Duration of the Oberammergau Passion Play

The performance of the Passion – the play about the suffering, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ – lasts a total of 8 hours, with a 3-hour break after 2.5 hours.

Passion Theatre Oberammergau

The tradition of the world-famous Oberammergau Passion Play began with a vow made during the Thirty Years’ War. During the Swedish invasion, Bavaria was hit by a devastating plague epidemic, which claimed the lives of more than 80 people in Oberammergau. In the hope of God’s help, the community leaders vowed in 1633 to “hold the passion tragedy every ten years” if the village was freed from the plague. The plague came to a halt, and as early as 1634, the people of Oberammergau honoured their promise for the first time.

The first performances took place on a simple wooden scaffolding in the cemetery next to the parish church, and since 1830 the site of today’s theatre has served as the venue. Over the years, the stage was repeatedly remodelled and technically improved, and in 1930 it took on its current form. The auditorium, which seats around 4,800, was roofed over in 1900, and the tiers rising towards the back provide a good view of the open-air stage from every seat.

Passion 2030

The Oberammergau Passion Play 2030 is expected to take place from May to October, with a total of more than 100 performances during this period. Mondays and Wednesdays are likely to be play-free days on which no performances are planned.