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Hunting room - rustic charm at s'Wirtshaus Oberammergau

Experience the fascination of hunting

Welcome to the hunting room at s’Wirtshaus in Oberammergau, a place that captures the essence of the Bavarian hunting tradition. This unique room pays homage to the nature and hunting culture of the region and offers you an unrivalled experience that combines rustic charm and modern comfort.

A room that brings nature into the home

The hunting room is an oasis for all those who love nature and rural life. With its rustic décor, reminiscent of a traditional hunting lodge, you will feel as if you are in the middle of the Bavarian forests. Every detail, from the wooden furniture to the hunting decorations, contributes to the cosy and earthy atmosphere.

Hunting room

Modern amenities in the midst of traditional elegance

In addition to its rustic flair, the Jagdzimmer offers modern comfort. A cosy bed ensures a restful night’s sleep, while amenities such as Wi-Fi and a modern bathroom make your stay pleasant and relaxing. Here you can retreat and relax after a day of exploring the great outdoors.

A room that reflects a love of hunting

The hunting room is not just accommodation, but also a place that reflects a passion for hunting and nature. The wall decorations and artwork are carefully selected to reflect the hunting culture of Oberammergau and offer you a unique experience.

Perfect for nature enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation

Whether you are a passionate hunter, love nature or are simply looking for a peaceful and inspiring atmosphere, the Jagdzimmer offers the ideal setting for an unforgettable stay. Let yourself be enchanted by the rustic beauty of this room and experience a night that brings you closer to nature.

Pictures of hunting rooms - s'Wirtshaus - Hotel Oberammergau

hunting rooms - s'Wirtshaus

Experience the tranquillity of nature at s’Wirtshaus Oberammergau

Book your stay in the Jagdzimmer and let yourself be seduced by the rustic elegance and modern comfort. We at s’Wirtshaus Oberammergau look forward to offering you an unrivalled experience that will transport you into the world of Bavarian hunting tradition.