Ammertal - Ammer Valley

Discover the diverse Ammertal - nature, culture and history

The Ammertal, also known as the Ammergau, stretches between Graswang/Ettal and Bad Kohlgrub along the Ammer river and lies close to the border with Tyrol. Its main town is the picturesque Oberammergau, which is surrounded by an impressive mountain backdrop. The region is characterised by a rich culture, fascinating history and breathtaking nature.

The people of Ammertal speak a southern Bavarian dialect with clear influences from the neighbouring Allgäu Swabian language. The region is known for its outstanding cultural achievements in the field of folk art, especially wood sculpture. The Oberammergau Passion Play, which has taken place every ten years since 1633, is world-famous and attracts numerous visitors from all over the world.

Ammertal - Ammergau

The so-called fairytale king Ludwig II held the Ammertal and its inhabitants in high esteem. He had Linderhof Castle, the smallest of his royal castles, built in a side valley near Graswang, where he spent most of his time in office.

The Ammertal also offers two spas: Bad Kohlgrub and Bad Bayersoien. The peat from the surrounding mountain pine bogs used there for mud baths is considered to be one of the best-studied in the world and is effective for ailments caused by or accompanied by circulatory disorders.

Ammertal - Geschichte

Historically, the Ammertal valley was long of great importance as a transport route to northern Italy and Venice as well as to Augsburg to the north. The Ettal Monastery, which is located on the top of the pass in the direction of Oberau and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, was the largest landowner in the region for a long time and also exercised jurisdiction as far as the Loisach Valley with the Staffelsee and Murnau areas until secularisation.

Today’s Ammerland region in Lower Saxony also used to be called Ammergau, which indicates the historical connection between the two areas.

The Ammer Valley

The Ammertal not only offers its visitors a fascinating history and unique cultural events, but also a wide range of leisure activities. The picturesque landscape is ideal for hiking, cycling and, in winter, skiing and snowboarding. Whether you are a nature lover, culture enthusiast or active holidaymaker – the Ammertal has something for everyone.

Discover the diversity of the Ammertal and immerse yourself in the impressive nature, rich culture and exciting history of this unique region in Bavaria.